Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing The Valentines Online Vendor Fair - All Exclusive by MomTraffic ®

Put Your Advertisement on Blast/Online Vendor Fair *

Book Your Space for Our Online Vendor Fair, be Online for as long as you are subscribed!!!
Only $2 per month!!!

MomTraffic® Will be promoting the Online Vendor Fairs on Facebook, blogs, twitter, Youtube, etc.
Book Your Online Vendor Fair Space now!!! Only $2 if you book over the weekend,
prices will be going up to $5 per month so book now, stay online with us promoting you on social networks
for as long as you are subscribed.
Put your Ad Campaign on full Blast for the New Year!!!
Make Payment by clicking the link below,
someone will contact you, to get your Banner button in one of the table slots
Banner Button made FREE if you don't have one) if you purchase your space today for only $2 per month!!!

* Special!!! First to sign up will get their ad placement for only $10 flat fee for the entire year!!!!
send us an email at (first to email me will get their ad placement for only
$10 for the entire year!!!)

*More Specials First 3 to make comment on this blog will get their Banner Button
Placed For Free for EASTER Vendor Fair For An Entire Month!!!

Your Banner Button will be placed here, Online (if you don't have a Banner Button one will be created for you Free!!!)
Click the link below to see where your advertisement will be placed.

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