Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alternatives to Halloween Candy

If you’re a parent you may be worrying about how much
candy your child will be bringing home this Halloween. Candy not only has very little nutritional value, it is bad for your teeth band can cause nasty tummy aches when eaten in excess. If you’re looking for something different to hand out to trick-or-treaters this year, here are some alternative ideas.

Nabisco has 100 calorie pack individual packages that trick-or-treaters will find enjoyable to their palates. Teddy Grahams and chocolate covered pretzels are my two favorites, but they have a whole line to choose from.
Individual packages of nuts or trail mixes are nutritionally beneficial to your ghosts and goblins. They not only taste good are good for you.
Microwave popcorn packages are a great option. You can buy them in many different flavors, but if you’re looking for healthier alternatives skip the extra or movie butter kind.
Nabisco Handi-Snack offers a variety of healthy choices. A few examples that I particularly like are:
Breadsticks and cheese
Cheese dunk ‘ems
Ritz cheese and crackers

These individual packages are a tasty choice. Fairly inexpensive, they are a great fit for children.
While not quite as healthy as some of the other options above, many restaurants, such as McDonald’s & Wendy’s, sell coupon certificates or books you can substitute with. You can purchase gift certificates for your trick-or-treaters and by using your Arch card and following some simple guidelines at the McDonald’s website you can not only give a non candy gift, you can also earn college rewards.

Non-Edible Gifts
If you visit a dollar store or a store that sells children’s books inexpensively, you can find non-edible gifts too. Items such as coloring books, crayons or audio books and more are great alternatives to sugar laden candy. Not only is this a healthier choice, it is educational as well. Some people even shop throughout the year to help spread the cost out.
A visit to your local dentist may be just what the doctor orders this Halloween. He may be able and willing to give you toothbrushes and toothpaste samples at a reduced rate to hand out to children. If you wanted you could even hand out sugarless gum.
Slide into some scary fun with these plastic Halloween puzzles. Ghost, witch, candy corn, vampire, monster and jack-o'-lantern designs tempt everyone to see if they can solve their puzzle first! Trick-or-treaters also love finding these puzzles in their sacks! (4 dozen per unit) 1 1/2"

Mini Halloween Slide Puzzles per Piece(s)

Try placing a sticky lable on the back of these slide puzzles
to introduce your businesses. ;)


  1. Thanks for this post. This would make for a great alternatives.

  2. Oriental Trading offers some good deals on bulk toy purchases if you want to go that route. With allergies and the calorie content of some of the snacks I'm not sure the food alternatives are better than the candy. I leave it to parents to make the choice about how to handle the issue.

  3. Small toys look like a good alternative to the usual passing out of candy on Halloween (some of which usually ends up on my hips, lol).

  4. This is in there with the not as healthy as some choices but better than candy. Hostess now has snack sizes. 6 pks of 3 minis in each box. The cupcakes are about 1 inch high and maybe 1 1/2-2 inches in diameter and even have the cream filling. The twinkies are tiny as well. I've seen yellow cupcakes, chocolate, cinnamon and strawberry cupcakes, twinkies and carrot cakes, These are 100 calories per pack.

    Quaker also has their mini delights. You can get a box with 6 individual bags at 90 calories each. They have peanut butter, chocolate drizzle, butter popcorn, chocolaty mint drizzle and cinnamon streusel. Having recently been diagnosed diabetic these only have around 14 gms of carbs per bag and take the place of my evening cookie while watching TV or dessert after dinner.

  5. The Oriental Trading Halloween,Minni Puzzles are also, a great idea to place your sticky label business info on the back, for passing out
    you know that moms, and dads are more likely to raid their kids bags and discover your service ;)


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