Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is An Online Party?

What is An Online Party? You ask?

An Online Party is where a group of online marketers, mostly stay at home moms
get together, and share their, products for sales, whether it be hand made items
such as hair bows and/or tutus, aprons, and matching pot holders etc.

Moms also share their direct sales, items, such as Avon, tupperware, Marykay etc.
Moms may also sale their affiliate websites, and personal websites.

usually a list of those who are interested in attending these type of parties
are gathered. When an Online Party Event is scheduled by the host,
she will send out her invites to her list.

Moms gather in a chat room to attend these online parties, a schedule time is put into effect as to how long for each individual to display and discuss her sales and or Business opportunities. This allow for othe attendees to make purchase, and ask any questioins about the item being displayed.

How Much Does it Cost to Have An Online Party?

The cost for online parties varies on the hostess or person conducting the online parties. They may vary from $5 - $25, and may vary depending on how much time is alloted for the vendor to share their permotion.

What is the Difference between an Online Party and a Vendor Fair?
There isn't much difference at all, the only difference there might be is that
the Vendor Fairs may have a tabled slotted area, resembling an offline Vendor Fair.

How Does One Pay For An Online Party?

In most cases Moms,would pay via a paypal button located,on the website, in which the online party or vendor fair is held, or they may even pay by exchange of paypal email payment links.

To be placed on a Party List, to be invited to these events Submit your name and email
to the form below:

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sent to Over 178, and ever growing list of Mom Shoppers Daily -  (which will also increase my FaceBook Fan Page Likes!)
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  1. What a fabulous idea, Brigitte. I wish I sold a product so I could join in the fun!

    Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

  2. Thanks Jessica, You can come and show off your blogs. If you like place your blog button in the Vendor Fair, get more follows, subscribers, etc. click the above link to join our list, to get invited out to Fun and Exciting parties!

  3. New follower!

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