Sunday, February 19, 2012

Momtraffic's Updates: What is an Online Party or Vendor Fair?

What is an Online Party or Vendor Fair? An Online Vendor Fair or party, is very similar to a vendor fair or party... for that matter, the only thing is that it's online!

Vendors are people who sale or promote products and/or services, buy space, to advertise thier offers to the public.

Advertisers will make purchases for space where they will set up thier product line,
on a space slot similiar to an offline space slot offline.

a list compiled of hungary passionate shoppers for unique product ideas, sales
discounts, freebies, and giveaways are invited to these Online Vendor Fairs.

They come into an organized chat room to discuss the items listed in the Online Vendor Fairs. There items are sold, the buyers visit the participating website
that is placed in the Vendor Fair, view an item discuss it with it's seller in the
online chat room, and proceed to check out, how cool is that???!!!

Moms especially enjoy supporting and shopping from other moms who market online at the MomTraffic ™ Vendor Fairs, there is always so much fun and laughter there!

MomTraffic's Vendor Fairs has been established ever since 2005 and has brought success to thier participating advertisers!

Please be sure to read some of the success stories & testimonies.

If you sell stuff online, get more exposure to your promotions, sales, services, at the MomTraffic's ™ Online Vendor Fairs! You may find that you'll have a testimony too!


 Diana Hernanadez Independent Scentsy Consultant

 I am thrilled I discovered

It's an awesome way to network your business with other like-minded people.

The Forums are very useful and informative.

Not to mention another great way to market your business.

My favorite feature of the website community is their LIVE Online Parties!

From experience I have always had a nice turn out to my parties via

and have made sales thanks to them.

I would highly recommend this website to anyone trying to expand

their business and reach the enormous online market.


Diana Hernandez

Scentsy Independent Consultant

Jodi Lara Independent Health Consultant

Hi, everyone my name is Jodi Lara &
I am a work from home mom & have
happily been one for several years now.
 I found mom traffic about 4
yrs ago, I realy enjoyed networking &
 building relationships with
these moms.
I have had several of the moms purchase products from me &
I have done the same with some of them!
I have also gained some
business partners on this site.
 I would highly recomend this site to
those moms who want to build freindships & build business.
Jodi Lara
WeightLoss Wellness Coach

Independent Health Consultant

jennifer clifton

Not only is Mom Traffic fun, but it's also a great way to get your business out there.

 I have gotten quite a few sales and even added new members to my

 Mia Bella's team through Mom Traffic.

 I can highly recommend getting involved :-)

Jennifer Clifton, Mia Bella Representative


Roz Pearcy

I am a proud Work At Home Mom, Online Entreprenuer,

Marketing and Personal Growth Coach, and an all around positive,

 happy person.

I LOVE Mom Traffic!

I got a ton of leads for my business, found a bunch
of cute clippies for my daughters hair,

got some better quality cleaners
for my house...and to top it all off had a TON of fun

chatting with
everyone in the chat room parties. :-)

Roz Pearcy,

Personal Growth Coach


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